Wanna Play?

The release date for Sunshine Collective’s debut CD — Wanna Play? — was scheduled for February 23. We have ads coming out on Amazon, Facebook and in several industry trades, as well as a small PR campaign and finishing the website, which is still ‘under construction’, all gearing… up for the big date. All of that is going to happen, but – OOPS!

CDBaby, a fantastic indie music site, has selected Wanna Play? as an Editor’s Pick – Hooray! – and have posted it on their website ( as “Available Now!” Oops…

Turns out, this early release is really a brilliant mistake…

Through Feb. 7th, CDBaby is donating one dollar from every cd and digital album purchased to Haitian relief efforts. So, rather than pulling our cd, left it up and decided that we will match CDBaby’s contributions with a donation of our own from the sale of either Wanna Play? and/or Stephanie’s 2003 eponymous debut – Stephanie Richards.

We’re honored to be selected as an Editor’s Pick at CDBaby and delighted to be able to help, in some small way, the people of Haiti.