We Love New York!

This article was written by my wife and bandmate in Sunshine Collective Stephanie Richards.

What a week! To celebrate the completion of our new record, Up To Something Good, which is coming out in September(!), we spent and extended weekend in Manhattan. The food, the theater, the night life, what a good time!

It felt like home, as I (Stephanie here) lived in Manhattan for many years. I had the chance to introduce Brian to some good friends and old haunts. We made the Jade Hotel in Greenwich Village our home base, such a cute hotel and a treat for this Upper Westside girl.

In addition to some needed R&R, we did some playing on the streets and subways of the city! Yes, we were busking!!! Our pal Danny Flam, from joined us for several tunes. One of the more thrilling moments was singing on a subway car, along with the breathtaking skyline seen in the photo.