Live Show for Heart Beats CD release @ McCabe’s Guitars


Sunshine Collective is playing a live show for Heart Beats CD release this Sunday, 11 am at the legendary McCabe’s Guitars in Santa Monica.

Come down and enjoy some great live music!

LOVE IS THE WAY on this project > Heart Beats is available here on iTunes 


Musical Merry-Go-Round’s Favorite Family Music Releases of The Year

We are in top 20 of Musical Merry-Go-Round’s Favorite Family Music Releases of The Year with our album:

 Sunshine Collective  –  Up To Something Good




The Simpsons’ Yellow Line

My many years working as a composer has occasionally allowed me to work with other people’s music.  And to this end, I have had a blast working with Danny Elfman’s theme from The Simpsons, which I have had the pleasure of doing several times.  There are so many possibilities with his exciting theme.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Danny Flam for all his help with arranging and playing on this track, Ron Bertolet on sax, and Jim Baldree for his help with the mix.


Sunshine Collective’s first single – today, 6 years ago!

Today we are celebrating a special day!

I and Stephanie decided to release our first single as Sunshine Collective exactly six years ago and have been on many adventures since then.

“Our Winter Wonderland” is a great holiday song !

You can get the single here :


Celebrity Parents Magazine CD Review – “Up To Something Good”

Celebrity Parents Magazine has written a quotable review about our new album “Up To Something Good”.

“Be prepared to dance with your diapered little one with Up To Something Good. The irrepressibly happy second full-length release from Sunshine Collective, the CD is full of fun, happy tunes. With lyrics like, “Dreams come true… I love you,” “I Love You” is a sweet serenade for your baby. “Love is the Way” is another precious song, and singer/songwriter Stephanie Richards’ voice is perfect for these types of bubbly songs.  If you need a soundtrack for your life, Up To Something Good would be the perfect one.

Read the full article on Celebrity Parents Magazine.



Big News: Sunshine Collective Barbie Commercial

We are happy to announce our first big commercial – Sunshine Collective – UP TO SOMETHING GOOD Barbie Commercial

K-tel records would be proud of this !


Awards: The Best Kids and Family Music of 2015

I and Stephanie are honored to be recognized in Fids and Kamily Music Awards alongside all these great bands: Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly, The Pop Ups, Tim Kubart, Lori Henriques, Recess Monkey, Josh & The Jamtones, Red Yarn, Andrew & Polly, and many others.

You can listen to the full playlist here and read more on Fids and Kamily blog.



Jersey Family Fun blog CD review

Jersey Family Fun blog has published our so far favorite Up To Something Good CD review.

“I love how the album is described: Up To Something Good has a roll-down-the-windows, flyin’ free feel, but its summertime sweetness isn’t sticky or syrupy; it’s refreshing as cold fruit at a hot picnic.” “Selfishly, this has to be hands-down my favorite Children’s CD of all times.”

Read the full review on Jersey Family Fun website.




LA Parent Magazine: The Accidental Birth of a Family Music Band

What a great news for Sunshine Collective!

We are in LA Parent Magazine and you can read the full article here.

“The resulting album, Up To Something Good, lives up to its title. The 11-track album exudes a charming warmth powered by hooky songs such as “Love Is The Way,” “Run For The Sunshine,” “The Ride” and “Up To Something Good.” Richards says one particularly song, “Waiting To Say Hello Again,” is special because it was inspired by the couple’s older daughter growing up and leaving her small, self-contained preschool world.”



Album Mention: Tune Up Your Autumn Playlist

I and Stephanie have just read another nice review about our new album “Up To Something Good” on by Lee Littlewood!

“Thoroughly upbeat and fresh, Richards’ happy voice, somewhat akin to Sara Bareilles, lilts perfectly to original tunes like “Take Me Away” and “Waiting to Say Hello Again.”
“Entire families will enjoy Sunshine Collective’s sonic complexity and thematic sophistication, but most of all they will enjoy the happy, carefree sound.”

Read the full review on